Proof Bape is dying.

Bape or A Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing brand created by Nigo. Nigo has made several clothing brands over the years, including Human Made and Aape.

Picture of Nigo. Source – highsnobiety

Bape was founded in November of 1994. 10 years later they opened their New York store. June of that year, their rise of fame began. Within 2 years, in December of 2006 they peaked. On Google Trends, it shows that they reached peak popularity.

Data from Google Trends

As you can see in December of 2006 it reached peak popularity and then it started to plummet. By October of 2008 from being at 100 (peak popularity) just two years before, it had reached a 19. That is a ginormous decrease. From October of 2008 through December of 2014 Bape was irrelevant. Peaking at a 19 (which was in October of 2008) and the worst was an 8 (which happened in September of 2010). Within this period of time Bape wasn’t doing well at all. But this all changed in April of 2015.

Data from Google Trends

After April of 2015 through December of 2017 Bape had a ginormous increase, from being a 21 it went up to a 90. This means that it became much more popular. But this was temporary. Because within 2 months from being a 90 it went all the way down to being a 39. After from June 2018 through November 2019 it became a 35.

Data from Google Trends

Many things have contributed to the downfall of Bape. For example fashion from 2004 is very different. To give an example, people don’t wear snapback hats anymore, just like how people don’t wear Bape anymore. Bape’s designs are too intense, and fashion now is all about minimalism. This is one of the many factors that have leaded to the downfall of Bape.