The Next “Supreme” is an Eco Friendly Ethical Streetwear Brand.


Noah. When most people hear “Noah” they think of their friend or someone they know named Noah. Well, streetware fans think of the brand Noah. Noah is a New York based brand with four locations around the world. They have stores in New York City, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Noah was established by Supreme’s former creative director Brendon Babenzien.

Noah differentiates itself from other brands by raising awareness for Climate Change. One example of this is how Noah worked with Parley (the group Adidas worked with). They attempted to make shirts using recycled plastic from the ocean. During SS17 (Spring Summer 2017) Noah included Smokey the Bear in their clothing.

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Noah in the last few years has become a recognizable streetware brand. Its is sold on StockX (a major Streetware reselling website) and Grailed (another major streetware reselling website). These platfroms are used for reselling popular brands such as Off White, Supreme and Bape. For Noah to be on this platform it means that they are becoming very popular and well known. Noah has recently done a collaborations with the shoe brand Sperry Top Slider. Releasing a shoe with two color-ways (Black and White) with a flour print.

In a nutshell Noah has the same minds that started Supreme, and may be the next big brand.