Is it unfair that goat and other sneaker marketplaces price shoes by size?

You’re in Stadium Goods in NYC. You’re walking around and find your perfect shoe. You decide what shoe you want and you go to the nearest employ. You ask them how much them shoe is in your size, which is 10. The price is $375. Out of curiosity you ask them what it is in 10.5. The price is $650. Is it fair that the shoes price changes per size? Yes it is.

Every sneaker marketplace for limited sneakers is mostly based off of a sellers price. If somebody gets 10.5 (the average American shoe size according to for a retail of $300, then another person gets the same model of the shoe for the same price in size 8, why should one size be more expensive than the other?

Goat, Stockx, Flight Club, Stadium Goods. All these stores are consignment stores. A consignment store is like an auction platform. The reason that stores like Footlocker aren’t like this is because they buy the shoes directly from Nike or Adidas, so they aren’t selling somebody else’s shoe.

When somebody sells a shoe, they can price it at whatever price they want. They could price a shoe with literally close to no resell 5 times what its worth, no one can say anything. Someone’s size plays a factor in this. If the person has a size 10.5 they can price it higher because the demand for that shoe will be higher. Thats why prices fluctuate according to  the shoe size.

Is this moral? If so why? If someone has a painting worth a million dollars and they bought it for $20, is it moral that they sell it for a million dollars? It is moral because they bought the panting, so they get to sell it at whatever price they want. It’s the same with shoes. Therefore, it’s moral for someone to price a shoe depending on the size it is.