Converse X JW Anderson


Thursday, May 9 2019. JW Anderson x Converse. JW Anderson has been recently doing several collaborations with other brands, Uniqlo, and now converseā€¦ again! These new glittery shoes are retailing for $140. The shoes are available both on Jw Andersons site and converses. With 4 color ways, they are a unisex shoe, that really can help you express your clothing lifestyle. There are two versions of this masterpiece. The one shown below, and one more for a more active day to day life one. Shoes below the classic one.

( Colorway: Black/White/Egret)

( Colorway: Blue/Jolly Green/Egret)

Personally I think the classic shoe is better, because it fits a more down to earth vibe. Overall, I think that JW Anderson as a brand is trying to put itself out-their and is succeeding. Who knows, I hope they are the next taboo. Hopefully they will be.