The Best Place to Buy Clothes for Retail Prices in NYC.

We all look for clothes on a day to day basis but whenever we look at any clothing’s resale price, it is mad expensive. Well, I introduce Billionaire Boys Club. We all know their brand because of Ice cream and Pharrell Williams, but did you know that in their physical stores you can buy CDG (Commes des Garçons), Pharrell’s merch, tennis shoes and many more things. Recently, I visited the BBC store in Soho and was shocked by their cheap prices. When I entered the store I was attracted to the CDG section. I went over there and looked at their prices. I was surprised to see how cheap some of their tees are. For example, a CDG play t shirt with a red logo patch was only $95! Now you might be thinking, $95 is not a little bit of money, but this shirt is so much more expensive at other stores. On certain sites they resell for a lot more. Assuming a shirt sells for $120, and normal shipping is $10 then your paying $130 for a shirt you can pick up for much cheaper if you live in NYC, London or Osaka, Japan. Their shop was full of fun decorations. When entering and looking around you will see a lot of BBC’s clothing line and Adidas. Since all the clothes is like Pharrell’s unofficial merch all the clothes being sold is closely related with Pharrell himself. For example there is a lot of Adidas because of their Adidas collabs. The CDG is there because of the “girl” scent collab that happened with Pharrell and CDG back in 2014. So, next time you are going to buy cdg or any other brand make sure to check the BBC store. Also each store has its own collection so their website has limited items. So, next time your shopping for clothes don’t forget to checkout BBC.

Image from Inside the store taken by me.