The “Supreme” store in Spain that sells fake clothes legally.

Imagine this; You are walking down the street in Madrid, Spain and you see a store that has a big Supreme logo. You look at the sign on the outside and its broken. As an average fan you think someone stole it. You enter the store and see a white Supreme box logo. You’re suspicious and go and look at the tag.

You look at the tag and see it says €99,00. You check the tag and see how it says “Supreme Spain”. You start dead laughing in the middle of the store. Then you leave and it doesn’t enter your mind ever again… until now.

So how does this work? How are they still in business? 

They can legally sell clothes like this, because the brand is selling clothes off of the name “Supreme Spain”, not “Supreme New York” (Legitimate Supreme) Therefore they can get away the scam, and they can finesse people.

Do people actually buy this?

Do people buy Supreme? Yes, they do. So of course people will buy it knowing it’s fake, and other people will buy it knowing its real. So yes, people do buy it.

Where can I buy it?

Well, you can buy it on their website, or from their four locations in Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona and Palma De Mallorca. 

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  1. tourous 9 says:

    Yo i have bought a supreme spain tshirt-scam

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